Unique Rock Formations In Italy

My favorite rock from Italy is the one I got set at Scavia after my husband proposed on our terrace in Milan. But actually this post is about some very unique and (mostly) natural rock formations worth visiting. Bonus: they’re free, and not closed on Mondays.

Elephant rock flickr fotopusch


Best Unique Rock formations in Italy For Daydreaming

Sardinia is sort of known for animal-shaped rocks: check out this giant bear, and the elephant above. I find the rocks in the La Maddalena archipelago, off Sardinia’s northern tip, particularly animal-laden. I can’t not see animals when looking at them (I mean, that’s obviously a polar bear below, right?). 


Polar bear la maddalena

Most Photographed Rocks

The three faraglioni (Stella, Mezzo, and Scupolo) rise from the sea off the island of Capri, which itself is off the Amalfi Coast and close to Naples. Take a boat out, and kiss your lover as you pass through the arch. This is probably the most accessible unique rock formation in Italy for a typical itinerary.


Faraglioni capri flickr paul tuna turner


Most Artistic

Abruzzo’s La Morgia is a limestone rock-island in the middle of the countryside sort of kind of near Rome, famous for the sculpture that bridges its notch. The notch was made by dynamite during limestone mining, and Greek artist Costas Varotsos added the artwork: twenty meters wide and eleven meters high, the sculpture is made of steel and green glass and lit from behind, making it quite a landmark. 

La morgia villas for 2 flickr


Most Fabled

Sicily is, of course, the Island of the Cyclops in Homer’s famous Odyssey. But the three tall column-shaped islands off the small town of Aci Trezza, on Sicily’s east coast, are referred to as the Islands of the Cyclops by the locals: they were allegedly the stones thrown at Odysseus.

elephant rock by Fotopusch; Photo of Polar Bear in La Maddalena by Sanjay; Photo of Faraglioni by Paul ‘Tuna” TurnerPhoto of La Morgia by Villas For 2Photo of Islands of the Cyclops by Boobelle

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  1. Lucia
    October 1, 2009

    Love seeing all of the different rock formations. Adding this to my growing list of places/things to explore. Would especially love to see those in Sardinia…agree with you on the polar bear!

  2. Madeline
    October 3, 2009

    Thanks Lucia! I got a lot of teasing from my husband in La Maddalena because I was constantly spotting different rock “animals” – glad to hear someone else sees it too! :o)
    btw enjoyed the photos in your recent post on Catania’s fish market!


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