Where to eat and drink in Turin

[Updated October 2015]

I have a good friend from Turin who is smart, gorgeous, athletic (a Ph.D in chemistry and a SCUBA instructor), and knows the best places to go out. So on my request, she and another friend put together a list of where to eat and drink in Turin. See the map at the bottom for locations of all her recommendations.

Discoteca sabrina campagna flickr

Best Aperitivo in Turin

Turin, Milan, and Parma are famous for their before-dinner-drink-with-unlimited-free-food, also known as the aperitivo tradition. Go to Zonk to sip a cocktail, fill your plate from the free buffet, and people-watch before dinner. Tip: aperitivo bars are perfect when you’re jet-lagged and hungry, and not sure you can make it until the restaurants open at 7.30 pm.


Best Reasonably-Priced Restaurant in Turin

There are lots of options for eating without breaking the bank. Try pizza, sandwiches in a café, buying groceries at the supermarket and having a picnic, or a kebab. When Roberta and I went out to dinner in October 2015, we ate at Bottega Baretti which I really liked. It’s trendy, has a great buzz, good food, good beer, and a nice atmosphere. Reserve in advance though.


Where to eat and drink in Turin, Bottega Baretti


Best Pub in Turin

Have a beer and hang out with friends at Six Nations Pub, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, number 28.


Best Kebab in Turin

Don’t be fooled by spartan surroundings: great kebabs (kebaps in Italian) are found at Damir, who on his website promises “fresh local meat prepared by a Turk”.

Hot chocolate heliosphan flickr

Best Chocolate Café in Turin

Turin is one of Italy’s major chocolate producers, probably best known for its gianduiotto chocolate, but the area is also the home of Nutella. Go to Guido Gobino (web site is only in Italian and Japanese, interestingly) for a hot chocolate, or to sample some of the famous locally-made chocolate. Ask for suggestions on liqueur pairings, if you’re there for dessert. Tied for first place in this category, and with a great historic atmosphere, is Baratti & Milano.


Where to eat and drink in Turin, Guido Gobino

Best Gelateria in Turin

Never leave an Italian city without sampling its gelato, and in Turin the place to go is Fiorio.



Best Pizzeria in Turin

Choosing a pizzeria in Italy is a serious task, and you don’t want to go wrong. So head to Pizzeria Regina Margherita in Via del Carmine, 2. Phone 011.4310287. Equally great is Pizzeria Cristina on Corso Palermo 101. Phone 011.2481706. Always try to make reservations.


Best high-end Italian meal in Turin

This is a hard one, only because Turin has so many great restaurants. And really, if you just walk around the Quadrilatero Romano neighborhood, you can’t go wrong. To wow your guests, or just to experience an unforgettable meal, go to Del Cambio, one of the most famous restaurants in Turin. The building is on the country’s official list of Historic Places, and the food is worth it if budget allows. For something with a more rustic atmosphere, the Tre Galline specializes in local food and has had good reviews for three centuries.

If you’re into gastronomic eclecticism, it’s worth heading to the town of Rivoli, just outside of Turin, to dine at the Michelin-starred Combal.Zero. With incredible food, and views to match, this restaurant scores consistently high in reviews.

Best Foreign Restaurant in Turin

If you’d like a break from Italian food, but are looking for something higher-end than a kebab, Wasabi is an excellent Japanese restaurant, particularly known for its sushi and sashimi. Address: Corso Ferrucci 72, Phone +39 011 447 3812.


Best Nightclubs in Turin

That would be Cacao, open every night of the week except Mondays. Tied in first place for hip places to go dancing is also Banus. There’s no point arriving before midnight.

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Photo of dancing by Sabrina Campagna; Photo of hot chocolate by Heliosphan; Photo of pizza by Madeline

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  1. jessie voigts
    August 12, 2009

    wow! you’re sure making me hungry, from the chocolate and the pizza! i’ll bookmark this – thanks for the great recs!

  2. marina k. villatoro
    August 13, 2009

    My friend’s last name is Turin and we always used to joke that he should move to Turin, Italy! However, by reading this post, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea:)

  3. Madeline
    August 13, 2009

    Jessie – great to hear. Hot chocolate in Italy is the best, isn’t it!
    Marina – LOL. Turin is overlooked by a lot of tourists in Italy (there’s a lot of competition after all!) but I wouldn’t be surprised if it became one of the top destinations. Not only because it’s such an international and vibrant city, but because the countryside around it is so spectacular, AND it’s close to the sea. The food is great, the wine is great…. what more can you ask for?
    Thanks for the StumbleUpon, too.

  4. holyland tours
    September 25, 2010

    Italy is a wonderful country with endless resorts excellent food and magnificent beaches. Your post makes wont to book a flight right away 🙂


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