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Laocoon group best museums in Italy

The Touring Club Italiano released its list of the 30 most visited museums in Italy. The top 30 museums saw a total of 23 million visitors, and the top 3 accounted for more than a third (8.2m) of those. Italy has a lot of amazing art, and only some of it is in museums. Much of it is in churches, and there are many, many incredible outdoor sites where visitors can see ancient ruins such as the Colosseum in Rome, the arena in Verona, or the Valley of the Temples in Sicily.

But, there’s something to be said for a curated collection of art, preserved and cared for and displayed properly. It’s even better if you the visitor are introduced to that collection by a knowledgeable guide who presents the information

Below is a summary of the 3 (most visited) best museums in Italy as well as the top 3 in each of Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. All information is taken directly from the Touring Club document, but I included links to each museum.


The 3 (Most Visited) Best Museums in Italy

1. Vatican Museums (4.4m visitors)
2. Archaeological Site of Pompeii (2.3m visitors)
3. Uffizi Gallery/Vasari Corridor in Florence (1.6m visitors)

The 3 Most Visited Museums in Rome / Vatican City

1. Vatican Museums (4.4m visitors)
2. Museo Centrale del Risorgimento (810k visitors)
3. Bioparco (780k visitors)

The 3 Most Visited Museums in Florence

1.. Uffizi Gallery/Vasari Corridor (1.6m visitors). How to buy Uffizi Gallery tickets.
2. Galleria dell’Accademia (1.2m visitors)
3. Opera di Santa Croce (837k visitors)

The 3 Most Visted Museums in Venice

1. Palazzo Ducale/Doge’s Palace (1.4m visitors)
2. St. Mark’s museum (510k visitors)
3. Galleria dell’Accademia (356k visitors)

The 3 Most Visited Museums in Milan 

1. Museo Civico di Storia Naturale / Natural History Museum (350k visitors)
2. The Last Supper / Cenacolo Vinciano (335k visitors)
3. Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology (329k visitors)
Photo of the Laocoon Group, in the Vatican Museums, by Joao Maximo

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