The Best Italian Souvenir, Ever

Bottles of Limoncello, pottery from Tuscany, or Venetian glass may be the best gifts to bring back from Italy, but they are heavy, breakable, and inconvenient to travel with. So what do you buy for all those friends who were thrilled with a set of cloth napkins from the market after your last trip?

wooden gnocchi board from Italy

When a keychain and a shot glass don’t cut it, here is the easiest to carry, least breakable, most authentically Italian, and inexpensive souvenir: the gnocchi board. It will set you back only a few Euros, packs well, and probably weighs about as much as your travel shampoo. Make it more fancy by pairing it with a recipe, printed out when you get home.

Gnocchi with flour

Instructions for use: with your thumb, push each raw gnoccho very gently on the board for about half a roll until it curls over a little to make a shell shape, like in the photo above. And voila! Perfect gnocchi ridges. The recipe books say to use a fork to make the ridges, and of course, you could, because not everybody is privileged enough to have an actual gnocchi board.

Added bonus of this gift: your friends will need to invite you over to inspect and taste their creations, of course. Buon appetito!

Cooked gnocchi

Looking for more places to find Italian souvenirs? Why not check out some of Italy’s best outlet malls?

Photos of gnocchi by From Argentina with Love

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  1. Franny
    March 25, 2011

    um that looks so goodim hungry so is lyndie

  2. קלאב מד
    October 19, 2011

    Yummy!! I like too much Souvenir. When I see it I can’t stop my self. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


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