Winter Getaways: Skiing and Snowboarding in Italy

One of the most beautiful and historical countries in the world, Italy is also one of the most traveled areas. Most people visit Italy in the spring or summer because of its pleasant weather and exquisite sites. But during the winter months, there are still many festivals, beautiful snow-covered scenery, and plenty of amazing resorts for skiing and snowboarding in Italy.

The entire northern border of Italy runs through the Alps and Dolomites, comprising some of the highest and most picturesque mountain peaks in Europe and making the country an ideal destination for a ski holiday. Many Italians are avid skiers, and the annual settimana bianca, or “white week”, is a popular winter holiday. A ski trip in Italy not only means dazzling alpine scenery and world-class slopes, but also excellent food, a relaxed “la dolce vita” vibe (with a great après ski scene), and, of course, chic winter fashions.

Winter Resorts in Italy

Italy offers skiing for every skill level, with pistes that run from challenging Olympic-level descents to beginner hills. The country also has rigorous qualification requirements for ski instructors, so you can find an excellent—often English-speaking—instructors to help you out if it’s your first time on skis or if you’re an experienced skier looking to perfect your form. Instructors can also act as alpine guides for advanced skiers who want to take on the best runs in sprawling ski areas. There are often specific ski schools for kids, and many resorts also have cross-country and snow-shoeing trails, sledding hills, and ice skating rinks.

Italy’s ski season runs from the beginning of December through March, though climate change has pushed the snows further into the winter so many resorts now use artificial snow at the beginning and end of the season. The busiest season for ski resorts in Italy are the weeks between Christmas and New Year’s and the month of February. Plan on booking far in advance and finding high season rates and crowds.

When planning a winter destination, choose one of these picturesque resorts for skiing and snowboarding in Italy and see a different side of the country than the typically tourist-laden areas.


Carezza skiing and snowboarding in Italy

Photo by Umberto Salvagnin via Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of the sunniest areas in South Tyrol, this Italian resort is known as King of the Dolomites. It boasts acres of groomed terrain that varies for different degrees of difficulty. This resort offers night skiing and night sledging, cross-country tracks, and winter hiking paths. With an average of eight hours of sun per winter day, Carezza is a secret sweet spot for skiers in the know.

The instructors of Carezza offer courses for both beginners and advanced. The beginners learn the basics while the advanced learn more difficult stunts on the more challenging tracks.


Folgaria skiing and snowboarding in Italy

Photo by Roberto Ferrari via Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Part of the massive Carosello Ski Folgaria network, this resort in Trentino is a beautiful family destination. It has family hotels, school camps, nursery facilities, and supervised children’s activities. Plus, the area’s pistes cover about 100 kilometers (more than 60 miles) for endless days on the slopes.

Spend the whole day on Nordic ski-runs, snow-shoeing, ice skating, or exploring the city. At the end of the day, check out the shopping, food, wine, and espresso in and around the small city.


Montecampione skiing and snowboarding in Italy

Photo by Mauro Piovani via Flickr, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

An ideal location in the Camonica Valley, there is plenty of groomed terrain for all skiing types. While skiing, the views are incredible as the Alps are visible from the top of the slopes. With classes and runs for beginners, this is a great place to work on perfecting technique. The resort is home to the Fanchini sisters who are National and Olympic champions and often ski around the area.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d'Ampezzo skiing and snowboarding in Italy

Photo by Manuel Bierbauer via Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in the Southern Alps of Veneto, this northern Italian resort is filled with high elevation mountains and some of the most scenic areas for skiing and snowboarding in Italy…plus great shopping! The resort is perfect for all levels and filled with knowledgeable instructors who can help answer beginner’s questions like how to choose a snowboard, or what type of skis are best.

The city surrounding the resort is situated near the center of the Ampezzana valley. Encircled by the Dolomites, the alpine climate of short summers and long winters of frigid, snowy temperatures is perfect for a long ski season.

Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa skiing and snowboarding in Italy

Photo by Paola Sucato via Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Also located in the Dolomites, this is arguably the most beautiful area in northeast Italy. This resort is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 with its spectacular sunset seen from the top of the slopes. While great for all ski levels, Val di Fassa houses an abundance of expert-level terrain.

Instead of spending the summer in Italy with masses of crowds, come see the beautiful slopes and historic sites the land has to offer during the winter season.

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