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Would you like to write a blog post to be published on Italy Beyond the Obvious? Read this first.

YES, I would love to hear from you if you have spent a lot of time in Italy, either as an expat or as a frequent traveler, and would like to share your tips and specific advice (no general travel advice, please). Or, maybe you own an agriturismo or a cooking school or you’re a local guide with a niche specialty and would like to share your passion for your specific area of Italy. Your contribution could include detailed tips, your favorite places to visit, or recommendations.


NO, I am not interested in an article from you if you address your email “Dear Sirs”, or if you have a “team of experienced writers” who can create “high-quality content” that will be “widely shared and distributed across social media networks”. And finally, I will include ONLY Italy-related, no-follow links. No exceptions.


Here are some examples of guest blog posts I was happy to publish. They provide useful and detailed information about Italy to readers:

Soccer for the Traveler to Italy

Versilia, Tuscany

Off the beaten track in Umbria: an artist’s top 10 places


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