What to do in Ponza

We want to visit the Amalfi Coast for many reasons, including spending a few days on a white sandy beach – preferably somewhere with whitewashed houses that cascade down to a fishing village.

Ponza and palmarola by nicola since 1972

This was a recent request from clients. There are some pretty beaches on the Amalfi Coast  and nearby, but it wouldn’t be my first recommendation for what they described. Instead I suggested: definitely visit the Amalfi Coast. But for the beaches, go spend a couple days on the island of Ponza. (And they did.)


Seba sofariu ponza

What to do in Ponza

Ponza is a small island, with small towns, beaches, fisherman, and good food. It’s full of Italians, but not so full of foreigners. Bring a book, your knitting needles, your paint brushes, and your bathing suit. It’s island life. You know that dolce vita or the dolce far niente you’ve been hearing about? Well Ponza is where it’s at.  Hang out. Eat. People-watch. Go for long walks. Lay on the beach. Enjoy fresh food. Get to know the locals.


Getting to Ponza

From Rome, take the train to Anzio or Formia, either of which is just over an hour ride away (to the south, so in the direction of Naples) as long as you don’t get the slow train. Then take the 1-hour hydrofoil (www.vetor.it) or the 2-3 hour boat (www.caremar.it). Boats to Ponza also leave directly from Naples in July and August.


Getting Around Ponza

Even though it’s where the boats come in, staying near the harbor is convenient because you can do a lot on foot. Don’t rent a car, or you’ll spend your time stuck in traffic. If you’re a very confident scooter or motorbike driver, the perfect way to get around the island is by motorbike/vespa/scooter, but I highly recommend not trying to learn to drive one on Ponza. You can also take taxis, water taxis, or the bus – which is somewhat old and dilapidated, but will get you around the island.


Chiaia di luna beach marite 2007

Beach-hopping in Ponza

Many of Ponza’s beaches are reached only by water taxi, so grab one in the harbor and either set a time to have them pick you up, or call when you’re ready.  Beaches worth visiting include (click on words to see images) FrontoneCala FeliceLucia Rosa grottoTirreno beachCala Feola beach (on the other end of island), the natural poolsPiana bianca. If you’ve got more than 2 or 3 days, consider a day trip to the nearby island of Palmarola (pictured in the misty photo with Ponza at the top of this post).

Food in Ponza

Other than beach-hopping and participating in the Italian dolce far niente on the island of Ponza, I’d recommend a meal at Il Tramonto (“sunset”), which has the best views on the island.


Photo of Ponza and Palmarola islands by Nicola Since 1972, photo of Ponza by Seba Sofariu, sunset photo by Marite 2007, aerial photo by Hengist Decius

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  1. Bluegreen Kirk
    March 28, 2011

    Love the photos beach hopping and enjoying a nice meal Il Tramonto sound nice!

  2. James
    June 17, 2011

    Thanks! Great post you have written on “The island of Ponza”. Really I can say that your post is very informative, I’ll come across your blog again when you will update it with new.

  3. Donna Parsley
    August 5, 2011

    What a beautiful terrain! It’s nice that they have preserved the natural beauty of it. It’s so thrilling to discover every bit of the place. Beach hopping sounds fun too!

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