If you’re looking for some great Italy podcasts about travel or expats or working in Italy or learning Italian, I recommend all of the podcasts below – and of course not just the episodes where I was a guest. You can listen to episodes of the Italy Beyond the Obvious podcast here.

Podcast about traveling beyond the obvious in Italy

WorldNomads Podcast about Italy

I was one of three guests on the WorldNomads Italy podcast, in which we discussed traveling beyond the obvious, a bit about the Amalfi Coast, and a plug for the Italian town of Ravenna.


Italy Podcast about Italy Travel Planning

Description of Italy Beyond the Obvious Travel services – How to Tour Italy Podcast

In this podcast, I talk to Anthony Cappezzoli about the three types of services offered by Italy Beyond the Obvious.


Italy Podcast about Multi-generational Travel

Multi-generational Travel – The Bittersweet Life Podcast

Host Katy Sewell and I chat about planning a multi-generational trip to Italy, a type of trip we create frequently here at Italy Beyond the Obvious. More advice about multigenerational travel to Italy here.


Italy Podcast about Sicily

Travel to Sicily – The Amateur Traveler Podcast

In this podcast, I talk to host Chris Christensen about Sicily and we cover details of a two-week Sicily itinerary (which I then summarized in a blog post here). I spent my own honeymoon in Sicily and Italy Beyond the Obvious has planned many Sicily trips for clients so this podcast is close to my heart. I adore the culture, the food, the history, and the scenery of this wonderful island.


Italy Podcasts about Working in Italy

Hiking, Biking, and Finding work in Italy – Eye on Italy Podcast

In this Italy podcast, I talk to Sara, Jessica, and Michelle about working as a hiking & biking tour guide in Italy, and about the other jobs I had there – namely a corporate expat and a nanny.

The Life of an Adventure Travel Tour Guide – The Amateur Traveler Podcast

What’s it really like working as a tour guide in adventure travel? Here, I talk to Chris Christensen about working for Butterfield & Robinson as a guide leading hiking & biking trips, and what that entails including my favorite and least favorite parts of it.


Italy Podcast about Learning Italian

Conversational Italian with limited vocabulary – 30 Minute Italian Podcast

Host Cher Hale and I chat about learning Italian and how to be conversational with a limited vocabulary. My favorite part of this discussion is where we delve into a subject I studied during my undergraduate degree in Linguistics: the difference between the denotation or dictionary definition of a word, and its connotation, or more nuanced meanings (such as in idiomatic expressions).


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