Italy’s Best Bridges, Part II

Here are my picks for best bridges south of Florence. For Italy’s best bridges of Florence and the North, see Part I.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio Italy

Photo from

An hour and a half north of Rome, this spectacular 2500 year old town is atop a plateau that is, unfortunately, crumbling. The natural bridge that connected Civita (in the photo) to the larger town of Bagnoregio has worn away and has been replaced by a manmade footbridge. But if you are staying in Civita, a local will take your luggage from the car park into the town by vespa. Civita’s population varies from between 12 and 100 inhabitants depending on the season, but because of Rick Steeves’ write-up, it has seen an increase in tourism over the last few years.


Ponte delle Torri, Spoleto

 Ponte delle Torri Spoleto Italy

Spoleto bridge by Patrick Denker on Flickr

Built in the 13th century most likely over the remains of a Roman aqueduct, the Ponte delle Torri is 90 m high and carries water in addition to cars and people. Two of its 10 arcades are hollow, with doors and lookout windows: the bridge is in a strategic position with a wide view over the valley.


Ponte Sant’Angelo, Rome

Completed in 134 AD, then adorned with angels carved by Gianlorenzo Bernini and his students in 1670, the Ponte Sant’Angelo leads from the ancient Campus Martius to the mausoleum of the Emperor Hadrian, the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Ponte sant'angelo Rome Italy

Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome by Allie Caulfield

Ponte Milvio, Rome

The Ponte Milvio in Rome is Rome’s oldest bridge, dating to 109 BC, but is more recently known for its unique attraction: lovers stand on the bridge, attach a padlock proclaiming their eternal love, and throw the key into the water. The result has been a lot of added weight to this old bridge causing structural damage, so city authorities now remove the padlocks on a regular basis. You wouldn’t want to contribute to this sweet but damaging tradition now, would you.

Ponte Milvio Rome Italy

Ponte Milvio in Rome by Zingaro I am a gypsy too on Flickr

Viaduct Moranti-Bisantis, Catanzaro

Built in 1962, this concrete bridge is the symbol of the southern Italian city of Catanzaro.

Catanzaro bridge Italy

Catanzaro bridge by Cherrye Moore


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