Italian Ceramics: Sardinia

Italian ceramics Sardinia


Do a google search for Italian Ceramics, and you’ll read about those from Faenza and Deruta and maybe Caltagirone in Sicily. You’ll see images of beautiful painted ceramic bowls and platters covered with lemons, typical of Tuscany and Umbria. The town of Faenza, which is in Emilia-Romagna not far from Brisighella and San Marino, is a great place to visit a ceramics museum. Deruta – the most famous place for Umbrian ceramics – is fabulous for serious purchases and hands-on experiences.

But compared to the Italian peninsula, and even to the island of Sicily, Sardinia’s ceramics stand out. They aren’t as colorful, because artists use natural colors like greens, browns, ochres and earth tones. Sardinia’s ceramics also don’t have the typical Italian designs. They are often decorated with fish, chicken, birds, sheep, cows, and vegetable motifs.

Yet Sardinia has had a ceramics tradition for hundreds of years, so purchasing ceramics in Sardinia to bring home with you is a wonderful way to remember your holiday.

If you decide to experience the beaches, food, or culture of this Italian island, consider paying a visit to the towns of Oristano or Assemini, which are ceramics centers outside of the city of Cagliari, which is on the south end of the island.

Photo of Sardinian ceramics by Madeline

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