The best graffiti in Italy

Lucca graffiti

Rule #38 of Robert Reid’s “44 Little Travel Rules No One Tells You” is to take photos of things that might change. I couldn’t agree more (and I wish I had photos of the pink snakeskin fashion craze that hit Milan in 2001!) A fabulous subject in this category is graffiti. Pay attention to graffiti in Italy and you’ll notice political themes, sports themes, the usual swear words, and my favorite: love graffiti. 

As someone who has had to scrub gang-related graffiti from my front fence here in Chicago, I don’t condone graffiti per se – though street art is great – but where else in the world can you find graffiti about everlasting love?

Ti amo graffiti auro

I also find political graffiti interesting, though I’m sure a lot of it is over my head. But I’ll include one example below of “good herbs / bad herbs”. The lower symbol above the Erba Cattiva (bad herbs) is the political party Lega Lombarda.

Lega lombarda gabba gabba hey

And here’s a photo of soccer graffiti, done by a fan of one of Milan’s teams, Inter. 

I Love You photo taken in Lucca by Sanjay; Photo of bench by Auro; Photo of political graffiti by Gabba Gabba Hey

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Posted by on Dec 11, 2009 in Italian Culture | 8 Comments


  1. Sonia
    December 11, 2009

    We really grooved on the Darth Vader graffiti in Florence this past fall: It was everywhere!

  2. TheWordWire
    December 11, 2009

    I love this post! (And I wish you had pictures of the pink snakeskin fashion craze of ’01 too.) Thanks for sharing.

    • Noe
      October 10, 2012

      I have long held graffiti as art, aylaws in amazement at the color, unique style, and almost perfectly crafted lettering (in a language only known to the artist and select others!) as long as there is nothing offensive and it doesn’t damage property, I say let them leave their mark on the world!

  3. Crystal
    December 11, 2009

    I was zooming around Rome in Google street view and came across two bridges near the Vatican with poetry graffiti. I loved them so much I saved them as screenshots for my desktop. My favorite reads: Chi getta semi al vento farà fiorire il cielo. I doubt they will be there when we visit in March but I’ll be looking for other poems!
    I did some looking into them because they were clearly done by the same artist and came across his site:

  4. Dominique
    December 13, 2009

    I love taking graffiti photos…the colors, the sentiments, the tie to the local places. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Madeline
    December 13, 2009

    Thanks for the comments, all!
    Sonia – love the Darth Vader graffiti, thanks for posting.
    Crystal – what a great saying (if you throw seeds into the wind you’ll make the sky flower), and thanks for posting the artist’s site.

  6. Wanderluster
    December 13, 2009

    Graffiti aside, I really like the park photo. It looks sepia-toned.

  7. Madeline
    December 14, 2009

    thanks Wanderluster – I like the park photo too. It sets a good mood….


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