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Farinata could be described a sort of dense savory pancake; or maybe as a thin chick pea pizza crust; or maybe as a heavy, thick tortilla. 

In any case it's a batter of chick pea flour with water and olive oil, baked in an oven and then sprinkled with salt and maybe some herbs like rosemary.

It's found in Liguria, which is in northern Italy along the Mediterranean coast. This photo was taken at a pizzeria in Turin, but the Cinque Terre is a great place to try it too. 

Farther south along the Tuscan shores, it's also called Cecina (ceci = chick peas in Italian).


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  1. Tina
    March 2, 2009

    Farinata is a big thing here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, because of all the Genovese immigrants that came once upon a time. Here the name is shortened to faina’ (accent over the a)
    Great blog!!

  2. Madeline
    March 2, 2009

    Interesting, Tina – thanks for sharing!