Hire Madeline for this service, and we’ll work together for seven days. During that time, I’ll give you all the Italy travel advice you can think of. With my Italy travel advice and your execution, we’ll plan your dream trip to Italy. We can start from scratch, with suggestions on what cities to spend time in, based on your interests. Or, if you’re farther along than that, we can start with recommendations for activities, hotels, restaurants or local guides. Every question you send over the 7 day coaching period will be answered, and as I get to know your travel party and people’s interests, I’ll be able to make recommendations for things you didn’t know to ask or didn’t realize existed.

Most of the Italy travel advice I give during coaching is along these lines:

  • Guidance on your overall Italy itinerary, including the flow, which places to see, and how long to spend in each place – all based on your interests.
  • Specific suggestions for each day based on your interests. Recommendations for hotels, restaurants, guides and activities. All hotel recommendations are only for hotels that are available for your dates, and within your budget.
  • Budgeting advice (what to expect to pay for X in high season, for example).
  • Detailed information on transfers and logistics: the best way from A to B by train, car, boat, or public transportation, where to find schedules, and advice on the best way to do it.

Italy Travel Coaching: How we communicate

Coaching is done completely over email so that you have everything in writing. That way when you continue trip planning after we’re done working together you have all my recommendations at your fingertips.

Italy Travel Coaching: How long does it take?

We’ll work together for 7 days, and yes, we’ll get your whole trip planned! You can split the seven days into 2 chunks if you’d like, with a small break in between.  Because I personally work with all coaching clients, please give me at least a few weeks of advance notice so I can get you on my calendar.


Italy Travel Coaching Fees

Each 7 day period is $499, payable through Paypal. If you decide at the end of the 7 days that you’d like me to plan your trip, the coaching fee will be credited towards my trip planning fees.


What I need from you to get started

Send me an email introducing yourself. Please tell me:

  • Number of days you’ll be in Italy.
  • Number of travelers in your party.
  • The dates, if you have them.
  • Your interests and goals for this trip. For example do you want to include any of the following in your trip: castles, churches, walled hill towns, ancient ruins, great food, great wine, cooking classes, vineyard tours, hiking, biking, skiing, scuba diving, soccer, beaches, mountains, hot springs, volcanoes, paintings, sculpture, history museums, aquariums, theme parks, mosaics, trains, boats, ceramics, glass, opera, pubs, views, outdoor markets, fairs, festivals, people-watching, shopping.
  • Describe an ideal travel day so I get an idea of your travel pace.

The more specific you are about your interests, the better my Italy travel advice will be. If you are vague, the first several emails from me will be questions in response to your questions.

After I receive your payment in my Paypal account, you can let me know your preference for dates, and we’ll kick off the 7 days of coaching!

Italy Travel Coaching: A Note on Availability

Because I answer all emails myself, I only accept a limited number of coaching clients at one time. In order for me to give high quality and personalized Italy travel advice, I can’t be working on too many itineraries on the same day. If I am unable to provide coaching services during the week you’d like them, you’ll have first dibs on the next available coaching week.

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