Guest post at TBEX: How to be a travel consultant

Guest post at TBEX: How to be a travel consultant

Every couple months I get a request from someone asking about how to become a travel consultant. I’ve coached people on how to do it, and I finally put my advice into this post, which was published on the Travel Bloggers Exchange, here: How to work as a travel consultant

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3 Tips for learning Italian (or any language)

3 Tips for learning Italian (or any language)

I’ve shared my top 3 tips for learning languages on Dianne Hales’ wonderful blog, Becoming Italian Word by Word. If you’ve learned a language, do you agree with any of these tips? 

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My Italy student exchange: 4 things I wish I’d known

  Two decades ago this month, I was on the plane on my way back to Canada after a year abroad on an Italy student exchange program with AFS. I’ve since spent five of the last 20 years living and working in Italy, and with each experience (as a nanny, a tour guide, a corporate…

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Ode to Ronchi (via San Maurilio 7, Milan)

  I've been de-cluttering for the last few months to get ready to move to San Francisco. SF will be the eleventh city I've lived in and the fifth my husband and I have lived in together, so I've been-there-done-that and going through Stuff is still not fun. But for this move, I'm going to finally…

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Three favorite Italian songs

  When an Italian classmate asked about the lyrics to a Bob Marley song, it was a lightbulb moment for me. We were on a field trip from Milan to Assisi, and the song was playing on the bus. Even though I’d heard it many times, beyond the refrain I had no idea what Bob…

Interview on the Eye on Italy Podcast

I was a guest on the Eye on Italy podcast (a podcast I love – subscribe!) this week, talking with the hosts, 3 fabulous Italy bloggers, about the different jobs I've had in Italy and how I found each one. I went into more detail about my corporate expatriate assignment in Milan, and talked about…

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Meeting boys on Italian trains

I thought it would be fun to enter this little story into the Grantourismo–HomeAway travel writing competition! An American friend and I were on a train full of Italian military boys. Noses in guidebooks, we’d been planning our day trip in peace until they’d gotten on. We had started in Monza, where we lived as…

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Guest post on expat+HAREM about my expat experiences

I was honored when the expat+HAREM editor asked me to do a guest post for their site, which is dedicated to aspects of the expatriate experience. My post is up today, and you can read it here. If you've ever lived abroad or have an expatriate in the family, take some time to explore the…

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Amateur Traveler Podcast: The Life of an Adventure Travel Tour Guide

The most fun I've ever had while also getting paid was probably when I led week-long cycling tours in Italy, but it was also the most work of any job I've ever had.  I've since noticed that lots of people have the skills to do this job and (from their comments when I try to…

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Eye-opening lessons from 9 travel disasters

I wrote an article about lessons learned from nine travel disasters I’ve had, and today the article was published on BootsnAll Travel, check it out!

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