The Turin Egyptian Museum

The Turin Egyptian Museum

Traveling to Italy to visit an Egyptian museum might sound a little too beyond the obvious for many travelers, but for anyone who is a fan of Egyptian art, I would argue that the Turin Egyptian Museum cannot be missed. The collection is considered to be one of the best in the world, second only to the…

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Vatican free Sundays: stay far, far away

Vatican free Sundays: stay far, far away

  Most of the time, my clients take my advice. And one of my standing pieces of advice is to never visit the Vatican on free Sundays. But on one recent occasion, I was designing an itinerary for a family with only one specific day to see the Vatican, which just happened to fall on…

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Which Museums to Visit in Italy? A guide to help you decide.

Italy has 3,800 museums, many of them world-class. With limited vacation time and so many other things to see, how does a traveler decide which museums to visit in Italy – which ones make the cut to be included in an itinerary?   One option is to just visit Italy’s most popular museums: start by…

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The Best Museums in Italy

    The Touring Club Italiano released its list of the 30 most visited museums in Italy. The top 30 museums saw a total of 23 million visitors, and the top 3 accounted for more than a third (8.2m) of those. Italy has a lot of amazing art, and only some of it is in…

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