Four things to see and do in modern Milan (if you’ve been there and done that)

Four things to see and do in modern Milan (if you’ve been there and done that)

As someone who spent four years living and working in Milan, I don’t usually expect the city to surprise me upon return visits. I spend time with friends, return to my favorite places, and walk the streets that have so many memories. On a recent trip, however, I was blown away by the city’s recent facelift. Milan…

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Milan fashion: Alta Moda tour with Context Travel

Milan fashion: Alta Moda tour with Context Travel

We met our guide Sarah of Context Travel for the 3 hour private look at Milan Fashion, the Alta Moda walk. Our meeting point was – logically – in front of the Armani Cafe, in Milan’s fashion district, the Quadrilatero D’Oro. Milan fashion history: Palazzo Morando Our tour started with a visit to nearby Palazzo Morando, a fashion museum…

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Visit Milan by bike, barge, or tram

Visit Milan by bike, barge, or tram

Milan’s main sights are fantastic, and most of them can be visited on foot, but the city is big and if you want to get off your feet (or are traveling with kids), take advantage of some of these fun and unique modes of transport.    Milan by Bike The BikeMi bike sharing program allows people…

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Dinner at Milan’s Cracco

Dinner at Milan’s Cracco

    When my husband proposed marriage on the terrace of our Milan apartment 12 years ago, we celebrated our engagement with dinner at Milan’s Cracco-Peck restaurant, which had just opened. Every bite was incredible, and we said that we’d return on our tenth wedding anniversary. Which, as it happens, was this summer. Apart from…

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Ode to Ronchi (via San Maurilio 7, Milan)

  I've been de-cluttering for the last few months to get ready to move to San Francisco. SF will be the eleventh city I've lived in and the fifth my husband and I have lived in together, so I've been-there-done-that and going through Stuff is still not fun. But for this move, I'm going to finally…

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5 Reasons to visit the town of Vigevano

Even after 5 years in Italy – and more than half of that in Milan – I had never heard of Vigevano until a Milanese friend asked if I wanted to swing by her boyfriend’s house – in a beautiful nearby town, she promised. Because he’d been out with us in Milan so often, I’d…

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Short Trips from Milan

Short Trips from Milan

When I worked in Milan I took advantage of weekends to travel. Below I’ve made a list of my favorite places to visit from Milan in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days. I’ve put cities in a list based on the minimum amount of time I recommend spending there. Unless otherwise specified, all travel times are by…

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Where to run, bike, or roller blade in Milan

Business travelers ask me all the time where they can run in Milan. I’m not a runner (though I wish I were – it’s so convenient for travel!) but I do pack my roller blades in my suitcase sometimes.  For short distances, the Parco Sempione (marked on the map below) in Milan’s historic center is probably…

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The best outlet malls in Italy

It’s January, and the sales have started across Italy. If you’re okay with crowds, the January and July sale periods in Italy are a fantastic time to shop. (Last time I went during the January sales I actually witnessed a fist fight in the parking lot over a parking space – which was interesting, considering that cars…

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Bergamo: WAY more than just Milan’s 3rd airport

There’s one memory in particular that I associate with the town of Bergamo. Having arrived in Italy for the first time, friends immediately took me to meet their Bergamaschi (= from Bergamo) cousins. The family matriarch, an old woman in a long black dress, met me with “buongiorno” while simultaneously stirring a huge cast iron pot…

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