What to see in Naples, Italy’s most Italian city

Visit Naples to see first-hand where the Italian expression “che sceneggiata Napoletana!“, or “What a Neapolitan drama!” comes from. Naples is often described as vibrant or colorful, its people expressive and passionate, its streetlife gritty. And yes, it’s one big, messy, fabulous Neapolitan drama. Take my recommendations below on what to see in Naples, but enjoy…

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What to do on Ischia island

The island of Capri, off Naples, is pretty well-known. But less well-known to foreign tourists is the island of Ischia, less than an hour by boat from Naples, and equally worthwhile. Take my recommendations below for what to do on Ischia island.   Natural Hot Springs Ischia island is of course wonderful in the summer because of its sandy beaches.…

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The question that’s been bothering me as I’ve been writing and researching this post is: Would I take my kids, ages 1 and 3, to visit Pompeii? The answer, I’ve decided, is no. Not yet, anyway. I think seeing the agony of a person at the precise moment they were being buried alive by boiling lava (see…

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