An Italy travel update from Madeline

As I write this, the US is about to head into the Thanksgiving holidays. The virus continues to spread quickly both here in North America and in Europe. News of a couple vaccines was recently announced, causing Zoom stock to drop 12%. Let’s face it, we’re trying to behave ourselves, but we are gosh-darn ready for this to be over. And people are chomping at the bit to travel.

At Italy Beyond the Obvious, we’re ready whenever you are. That said, we don’t want anyone to travel until it’s safe. I’ll take this opportunity to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten during the pandemic.

Italy travel update

When Can I Travel To Italy?

This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it. The answer is that we don’t know. Check the Italian government’s website for current updates or take this travel questionnaire. We are already working with people who are planning to travel in September and October of 2021. There are so many great air deals right now, including fully refundable tickets, and we say if you find one, book it!

How Will Italy Beyond the Obvious Handle Trip Planning in 2021 and Beyond?

We’re all in this together. Vendors – from airlines to hotels to tour guides and everyone in between – have been implementing, testing, revising, and improving COVID safety measures over the past months. That means that when travelers are ready, the infrastructure will be solid. We have strong relationships with our local vendors and we are confident that they will continue to take care of our travelers just as they have for the past 12 years. We might all need to be a bit more flexible, but rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

Italy travel update

With So Much Uncertainty, When Can I Start Planning My Trip?

We are already working on a handful of trips with people who said they need something to look forward to. Normally we dive into the planning process only after we have firm dates, but we’re taking a different approach here. For these trips, we’re scheduling regular calls to talk about their trip — about the locals they’ll meet, the experiences, they’ll have, the food they’ll eat — without booking a thing. There are actually proven psychological benefits to having something to look forward to.

What’s Next?

Here at Italy Beyond the Obvious, we’re taking it day by day. As much as we can’t wait to start helping people travel to Italy again, we’re not going to rush into anything. Many of our travelers want to go as soon as possible, while others are in no rush. We can’t wait to help rebuild the Italian tourism industry, but for right now we need to stay virtual, stay healthy and sane, and wear our masks until the outlook is more stable.

Italy travel update

Let us Help You Stay Connected to Your Future Italy Dream Trip

  • Virtual Italy Tour (1 – 2 Hours)

Madeline is happy to set up a Zoom call with your family, your friends, your book club, your senior class who can’t travel…. We can do a virtual 8-day itinerary, or focus on a specific region like the Chianti wine region in Tuscany.

  • The “Need Something To Look Forward To” trip

Hire us for a future trip, but without dates. We’ll start by getting regular phone calls on the calendar where we talk about all the amazing things you’re going to do, all the experiences you’re going to have, and all the fantastic food you’re going to eat. We’ll be talking about real experiences that we’ll actually book – it’s just that we don’t know exactly when. But imagine that you have a weekly or monthly call where you immerse yourself into the details of your future Italy dream trip.

  • Gift Certificates That Make Others Happy

Maybe you aren’t ready to travel, but there’s someone in your family who would love a Need Something To Look Forward To trip. Give them a gift certificate as a holiday gift. Contact me at [email protected] to chat and brainstorm.

  • Let’s Chat!

No obligation and no charge. Let’s talk about your interests, your preferences, your future Italy trip. Pick a time on my calendar that works for you.

Italy Beyond the Obvious will help make your trip truly memorable. Take advantage of our Italy trip planning services for a customized itinerary, or get coaching assistance with our Italy travel consulting services. And if you like what you read, why not subscribe to the Italy Beyond the Obvious blog and get free updates?

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