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Welcome! If you’re looking for an Italy trip planner, Italy tour guide, or travel consulting, start with our Travel Philosophy, see details about our three types of Italy planning services, read a sample itinerary, and don’t forget about testimonials from deliriously happy clients. Or, use the information in the blog section to plan your own trip. We’d love to be your Italy trip planner and set you up with fantastic Italy tour guides and create your unique custom trip! Contact madeline@italybeyondtheobvious.com.

We are known for our Italy Platinum Travel Planning service, which includes full planning, on-trip support, custom maps, and more. It’s about exclusive experiences, customization, and having lots of options. It’s about comfort, service, and authentic experiences. We meticulously craft your tailor-made Italy trip with the utmost attention to detail. Contact us to make it happen.

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Food tours in Italy: 5 reasons to book one

Food tours in Italy: 5 reasons to book one

When we recommend half-day food tours in Italy to our travelers, their first reaction is usually: What’s a food tour? A food tour is essentially a guided walking tour that lasts a few hours and centers around tasting local foods of the place. The guide pre-plans stops (usually around 4-5) giving visitors tastes of each food…

Using cell phones in Italy: dos and don’ts

Using cell phones in Italy: dos and don’ts

After we finish booking the hotels, activities, and restaurants for our travelers, we send them a pre-trip checklist. This list includes advice on packing, technology, guidebooks, phrase books, travel insurance, driving, and more. We make sure that they leave for Italy prepared! Also on that list: using cell phones in Italy. Here are our dos…


“Madeline was a joy to work with as she helped us plan an outstanding 10-year anniversary trip to Italy.” > Read more testimonials

“We loved, loved, loved our trip and I never could have come up with our itinerary based on internet searches and guidebooks” > Read more testimonials

“I highly recommend hiring Beyond the Obvious for your next trip to Italy. Madeline is not only a delight to work with, but she is detail oriented, thorough and prepares you for a one of a kind Italian adventure.”  > Read more testimonials

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