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Get a vaccine? Easy. Get a US passport in the pandemic? Not so much.

Get a vaccine? Easy. Get a US passport in the pandemic? Not so much.

When things shut down over a year ago, we were all waiting for the vaccines. Now, it’s not hard to get a vaccine but to get a US passport in the pandemic? Good luck. I have spent many hours trying to renew passports that expire this summer, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned.…

An Italy travel update from Madeline

An Italy travel update from Madeline

As I write this, the US is about to head into the Thanksgiving holidays. The virus continues to spread quickly both here in North America and in Europe. News of a couple vaccines was recently announced, causing Zoom stock to drop 12%. Let’s face it, we’re trying to behave ourselves, but we are gosh-darn ready…


“Madeline was a joy to work with as she helped us plan an outstanding 10-year anniversary trip to Italy.” > Read more testimonials

“We loved, loved, loved our trip and I never could have come up with our itinerary based on internet searches and guidebooks” > Read more testimonials

“I highly recommend hiring Beyond the Obvious for your next trip to Italy. Madeline is not only a delight to work with, but she is detail oriented, thorough and prepares you for a one of a kind Italian adventure.”  > Read more testimonials

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