We’d love to be your Italy vacation planner!

Italy Beyond the Obvious offers two types of trip planning service:

  • We’ll plan your trip for you. We’ll start by getting to know the travelers in your group and then we’ll make recommendations for your overall itinerary. We’ll send you hotel recommendations that meet your preferences and your budget, walk through transportation questions you may have, suggest guides and courses you’ll enjoy, and restaurants you’ll love. We’ll make all your bookings, ensure that all details are double- and triple-checked before departure, and send you off to Italy with a written itinerary which has all the information you need at your fingertips. Platinum itinerary planning is a soup-to-nuts, bells and whistles service for the busy traveler and includes maps and rainy day back-up options. Our Gold itinerary planning is the same high quality of service but for travelers who want a more flexible approach.
  • Or plan your own trip, with Madeline’s coaching. A coaching session is 7 non-consecutive days, during which Madeline will start by getting to know you. She’ll then make recommendations for your overall itinerary, send you hotel suggestions you’ll love that are in your budget, discuss transportation options, and recommend stellar guides, classes, and restaurants. The only catch? You do all the bookings, keep track of the details, and double-check everything before departure.


Listen to Madeline discuss the all services offered by Italy Beyond the Obvious in this 30-minute interview with Anthony Capozzoli of How To Tour Italy.