Italy Beyond the Obvious has a few tiers of Italy trip planning fees, depending on your needs. We encourage you to read the FAQ.

Here’s an overview of services and fees for up to 6 travelers (for larger groups please send a request by email).

Italy Beyond the Obvious dream vacation planning





Consultation of overall flow, where to go, what to see

Unlimited travel advice




Activities e.g. guides, beaches, wineries, hiking, biking, shopping

Internal transfers e.g. limos, rental cars, trains, boats





Activities e.g. guides, beaches, wineries, hiking, biking, shopping

Internal transfers e.g. limos, rental cars, trains, boats

Written itinerary

Phone calls to Italy for bookings

Maps: laminated daily maps, hiking maps, city maps, road atlas where needed

Last minute (up to departure) rework

Alternate daily itinerary

Detailed historical information on specific sights

Restaurant phrase book

Fees [Note: Fees are based on up to 6 travellers. For larger groups, contact us.]

$499/7 days

$200/trip day

$300/trip day

On trip support, with purchase of another service

$50/trip day

$50/trip day

I’d been doing Italian trip planning for friends and family for over a decade when I started getting more and more requests to do it for a fee so I sat down and thought about what I’d need to charge in order for it to be worth my time. I know how many hours it takes me to execute each type of service, so you are paying for my time and my judgment. I’ll spend time getting to know your family or group and make specific, high-quality suggestions based on your particular interests and travel style, without overwhelming you with choice or hitting Information Overload.


Italy trip planning fees: Coaching service

Plan your own trip with 7 full days of coaching by email from Italy Beyond the Obvious. Get recommendations and all details on the best hotels, restaurants, tour guides and specific activities that fit your interests and itinerary. Guaranteed thoughtful response to every single question you ask. I’m happy to have a couple short phone conversations but coaching must be done primarily over email. The 7 days can be consecutive, or split into 3 + 4 with a short break in between, or another reasonable breakdown that works for your schedule.
Fee: $499 / 7 days


Italy trip planning fees: Platinum planning service

For planning, booking, and a detailed written itinerary with maps, as in the sample itinerary.

If you have no time to plan your trip, want the details organized from soup to nuts, and can’t afford to spend time problem-solving on vacation, this option is for you. We take charge of the project and do everything: All reservations, all planning, all double-checking, all budget management. You sit back, make necessary decisions, and are involved as much as you have time for – and we execute, making sure your trip of a lifetime flows smoothly. Then in Italy, you enjoy, and if you need to contact us for any reason, just pick up the phone. Fees: $300 per travel day.


Italy trip planning fees: Gold planning service

If you are a traveler who likes some things booked – hotels, a few guides, a few activities – but likes a little flexibility, this service is for you. We’ll make sure the overall flow and balance of the itinerary is awesome, and we’ll work with you on recommending and booking hotels, plus an activity and a restaurant for each day. This itinerary works well for people traveling with small children or for anyone who wants a little structure during the day but also wants the flexibility to discover things independently, but with high-quality recommendations. You might make bookings or reservations yourself while in Italy. This option does not include maps, or on-trip support. Fees: $200 per travel day, with the option of adding on-trip support for an extra $50/day.


Italy Travel Hourly Consulting

If none of the above meet your needs and you just need solid advice from an Italy Destination Expert, contact Madeline by email at madeline at italybeyondtheobvious dot com to schedule a consulting session by phone. Consulting is $100/hour, with a 1 hour minimum.

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