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Trastevere, Rome: 5 spots to relax and unwind

This is a guest post by Katy Sewall, who has lived in Trastevere, Rome, for the past year. I asked Katy to write this post after listening to every episode, and wanting more, of the wonderful podcast she does with Tiffany Parks about living in Rome.   When you’re a tourist, or a new expat […]

Getting around Sicily by public transport

As I described during my Sicily podcast on the Amateur Traveler, Sicily is like Italy on steroids. It’s chock-full of the history, scenery, culture and food that you love in the rest of Italy. On the other hand, it’s less….. shall we say… user-friendly. If you think Italians are crazy drivers then you’ll find Sicilians even crazier. And […]


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